EENDAG season 8 episode 11: Traveling back in time
EENDAG S8E11: Traveling back in time

After badly wanting to go back in time to a place when Kevin was so happy exploring Grandpa Barend Sweefarend's old things in the basement, Kevin turns around and opens the bathroom cupboard door which used to lead down to the basement but has since been converted into a bathroom cupboard. And lo and behold, somehow it has become the door down to the basement again! Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski make their way down the stairs, and have a fun time seeing themselves as much younger versions, digging around Grandpa's old stuff down there. Meanwhile, Kevbot and Majoorbot are trapped in a snowstorm and Kevbot falls down a hole in the snow, landing in big underground caverns. There, apparently Kevin's memories suddenly appear in his brain!

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